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     Resizing Control Resizer XT

Version 1.2 is out!


Resizer XT
is an ActiveX control that adds intelligent VB form resizing to your applications without any code.

Resizer XT provides simple proportional resizing OCX just by adding it to your form. Unlike other ActiveX resizing controls, Resizer XT additionally provides intelligent Resizing. You can individually adjust the size, position and font of each control on your form.

Resizer XT is the easiest ActiveX solution to build  professional user interfaces with smart rule based resizing.

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Simplicity: absolutely no code needed, very easy and fast to implement with WYSIWYG concept. No complicated design-time constructors or resources consuming wizards and property pages

Versatility: works in simple mode as a proportional resizer ocx and in advanced smart mode. can manage controls created at run-time

Full control: in advanced mode, each control can be precisely placed, moved and resized independently based on rules you set. Resizer XT can handle and resize SSTab control

Customization: provides programmatic control using embedded Methods, Properties and events 

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Single developer license is only 49 $ 

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